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Manco HR has been providing an efficient, effective, and enjoyable staffing experience to job seekers and employers since 2000. Acknowledging the demand for our services beyond our initial scope, recognizing the distinctive requirements of British Columbia and the vital needs of its community.


Our attention is firmly focused on understanding and addressing the specific demands of this province. We are dedicated to tailoring our comprehensive HR solutions to meet the unique workforce hiring, training, and retention needs of industries within British Columbia, aligning with our vision to create abundant work opportunities for the people, by the people. BM Group's commitment to quality assurance and value-added services further fortifies our dedication to delivering essential HR solutions that enrich the British Columbia business landscape.



All Hands In

Strategic Partnership

As first of its kind, we are the HR providers who firmly believe in implementing smart tailor-made workforce solutions by moving a step further from simply HIRING staff to hiring and training them because you deserve high-quality workforce to get the job done.

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