About The Course

As per the guidelines from Occupational Health & Safety, all workers who have a risk to fall from a height of 3 meters/ 10 feet or more due to job conditions are required to implement fall protection systems to avoid serious injuries. 

With this course both employees and employers get a basic understanding of their responsibilities under the Occupational Health & Safety Regulations to reduce the chances of injury. 

Key Highlights

  • Fall Protection methods and measures mandatory to be followed by Occupational Health & Safety Regulations 
  • Key elements of a effective fall protection plan
  • Equipment handling and ladder usage 
  • Various fall protection methods 
  • Personal fall protection system 
  • Gear application including full body harness, lifeline rope grabs
  • Importance of safe work practices in regards to fall protection 



Course Duration

4 Hours 


English, Hindi, Punjabi 


3 Years 

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