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Manco HR, a subsidiary of BM Group of Companies, initially established to serve the workforce needs of the organization's existing pool. However, our commitment to exceptional service and the delivery of high-quality talent soon garnered recognition. With this recognition, we embarked on a journey to become a comprehensive HR solution provider, extending our services from East Canada all the way to Alberta. Our vision is to create boundless work opportunities driven by the people, for the people. Manco HR now offers a diverse portfolio of HR services encompassing recruitment, training, and retention solutions across a wide range of industries, including Warehousing, Construction, Distribution and logistics, and Transportation. BM Group, a renowned name in the Project Management sector with a successful four-decade track record, thrives on the concept of uniting businesses with a common purpose to ensure quality assurance and deliver value-added services to our valued clients.

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Strategic Partnership

As first of its kind, we are the HR providers who firmly believe in implementing smart tailor-made workforce solutions by moving a step further from simply HIRING staff to hiring and training them because you deserve high-quality workforce to get the job done.

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