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Manco HR was established as a subsidiary of BM Group of Companies to provide workforce to its existing pool. But once Manco got recognized for its outstanding service and quality workforce, we expanded our operations to be a full-fledged HR Solution provider with a vision to create endless work opportunities for the people, by the people. We cater to a vast portfolio of HR services which includes all levels of workforce Hiring, Training, and  Retention for industries beyond Warehousing, Construction, Distribution & Logistics and Transportation.

BM Group, being a well known name in the Project Management industry, operating successfully for the last 4 decades, works on the ideology of having united businesses with same purpose to provide quality assurance and value added services to its clients. 


balraj pic

balraj mann


Balraj Mann has a 30 year history in consulting, land development, construction  and corporate management in British Columbia. He is the Founder and Chairman of BM Group of Companies, comprising of a diverse portfolio of structural restoration, construction management, and real estate related businesses. BM Group has expanded operations to other parts of Canada, US as well as South Asia. 

With his multi- related background Balraj is keen on accretion and his approach to “people first always” set Manco HR in motion. Primarily Manco HR amalgamated all group companies to BM Group ideology but when rubber met the road it emerged as a full fledged HR firm ready to serve clients across sectors. 

Favourite Phrase- “The best way to predict the future is to create it”


Daryl Heppner


Starting his career at a very young age with BM Group, Daryl is an integral part of the Group Companies. He is known for leading his team with exemplary work ethic and technical expertise. His professional experience includes leadership development, executive level management, strategic project management, diversity and inclusion. 

With his in depth knowledge of business functions, Daryl brings excellence on the table. His strategies are designed in way which impacts the whole value chain of a business and not just HR. 

Favourite Phrase- “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra”

rajat manco pic

rajat malhotra

Head of operations

“Great Companies are built by great people”, and its Rajat’s passion to connect the two. Rajat is a seasoned HR professional with more than 12 years of experience in the industry. He has worked across Canada steering HR Operations for many reputed firms. 

Coming from an entrepreneurial background Rajat believes in building systems, processes and people from square one. When working with clients Rajat is always keen on bringing solutions via 4P’s of innovation; Planning/Product, Process, Position and Paradigm. 

Favourite Phrase- “The value of an idea lies in the using of it”

OUR valueS

Its our top most priority at Manco HR to deliver excellence in all forms. Our team is result driven, and we maintain rigorous standards for all our projects whether big or small. 

At Manco HR we take ownership of our actions. Accountability for us means much more than just doing our job. We are accountable for implementing better solutions when it comes to serving our clients, and we proudly own what we do to make the difference. 

People run at the core of our establishment. We strive on relationships both within the company and with our clientele. Our people can count on us at their hour of need, thats the work culture promote and believe in 

Our actions speaks honesty and fairness. We understand the importance of being reliable to our customers as authenticity is the key to best serve what we have and to grow from where we are

Our ecosystem runs on ideas, our team is always keen on implementing new and better ways of doing things. We got the basics right and believe in executing them in new and innovative ways 

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